How to Increase Internal Memory of an Android Phone


I have just tested Samsung Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102 phone & the first thing that struck me was the worthless & miserable 160 MB of internal memory which included in the phone. Its dual SIM android phone, while, made it very tricky for me to pass it over.

Initially I want to expand its internal memory, yet how? I knew there had to be a solution to this irritating development.

So, I found a way to increase internal memory of an android phone by using sdcard memory. Though the procedure was tested on a Samsung Galaxy Y duos GT, it should work on any Android mobile phone, especially the Galaxy Duos series.

Please proceed with caution & backup your data first.

Again, what we are setting out to do is to make the device recognize the external memory card as an internal memory.
• You will need to root your phone first.
• Download the following file & store in your sdcard.

Skin of CWM

• Install the app, Link2SD, from Google app market to your phone
• Switch off your phone & boot up into recovery mode by pressing the following keys at the same time; Volume up +Home button +lock button
• Release the buttons immediately the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos logo comes on
• On the screen labelled “Android System Recovery”, use the volume key to select “apply update from sd card”, then select “skin1980-G1-S5360+CWN.z”
• On the screen “ClockworkMod Recovery v” select “advanced”
• On the screen “Advanced & Debugging”, select “Partition SD Card&”
• On the screen “For Ext Size”, select the size you will want your new internal memory storage to be. A max size of 1024 MB (1GB) is advised because of stability issues.
• On the screen labelled “swap size”, select 0M
• Now you wait a few minutes for your SD card to be partitioned.
• Afterwards, select “reboot recovery”, then select “reboot system now”. Your phone will reboot.
• Select link2sd
• Choose “recreate mount script”,
• then select “ext3”
• Reboot your phone

After your phone reboots, you may launch the linksd app again & move installed software to the partition you created by “linking” them.

Please note that you will not notice any increase in the size of your internal memory after this procedure when you check via your phone settings yet what it does is that subsequent installations are made directly on your SD card subject to the maximum size you partitioned.

Now i have a 1 GB Samsung Galaxy Y Duo GT-S6102. Feeling better now!

What approximately you, please share your thought on the comment box below.