iPhone 6 Concept Video Plants Us Amazed





iPhone 6 Concept Video Plants Us Amazed

iPhone 6 might not be available until September, yet luckily there are a lot of smartphone renders to maintain us busy until then. A fresh iPhone 6 concept by ConceptsiPhone – takes a somewhat conventional approach to dreaming the new device.

The design revealed here isn’t totally unbelievable. Removing its bezels would be a smart way to obtain better screen size without creating a huge iPhone, & unlike previous conceptsthis one keeps the Home button along with the built-in fingerprint sensor introduced with the iPhone 5s. We’re not so sure approximately Retina 2 or solar charging, which feel more like wishful thinking then serious predictions. Apple may opt for new screen tech, however, though in the form of stronger sapphire displays. Still, there’s no way to know anything for sure until Apple makes its official announcement after this year.

The iPhone 6 concept described in the below video is much slimmer than the iPhone 5s, & features a 5.1-inch display without increasing any dimensions by completely removing the device’s side bezels. Most rumours advise Apple is moving toward a 4.7-inch screen, a 5.5-inch display, or both. There’s moreover an improved 10-megapixel rear camera, a new super sharp display called “Retina Two,” 4K video recording, a solar charging screen, stereo speakers & an improved Lightning 2 port.


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